Tino Di Natali - Technical

International Consultant for International Projects

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Following is a list of machines, programming languages and various tools I came across and have been working with during my career.


  • Windows based PCs
  • From DOS 2.0 to Vista
    Visual Basic from VB4 to VB.NET 2008
    ASP.NET and PHP
    Microsoft Office including Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Word, etc.
    MicroFocus Workbench with MF-COBOL
    dBase III and dBase IV,
    SQL, MySQL
  • IBM AS/400 and /36
  • COBOL 74, 85, RPG IV and CL with DB/400
  • IBM 4381 and 4390
  • COBOL and PL/1 on DOS/VSE, CICS, JCL, DB2 and VSAM.
  • DEC PDP11
  • Fortran III and Fortran IV on RT/11
  • HP9000
  • COBOL with UNIX on Apollo workstations
  • General Knowledge
  • General network knowledge on having built more than one network, for home (wired and wireless with DSL and multiple clients) as well as for businesses with multiple servers, clients, dedicated lines, domains, 2000-Server, Internet access, etc.

    General PC hardware knowledge.
    Built my own "Lounge PC", a PC with an appearance that matches the lounge rather than the office (aka "The Silverbox").