Tino Di Natali - Software

International Consultant for International Projects




Here is a list of the software packages I have worked with so far:



Centralised development tool for Windows based PCs and Internet.
Development centre for Visual Basic, Visual C# and Visual C++ programs.
Currently using VS 2005.

  • Microsoft Office

Standard Office package, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, FrontPage.
Currently using Office 2007.

  • VER-DI
VER-DI used to be an excellent ERP products specialised in Mail-Order and Direct Marketing.
VER-DI (acronym for the German "Versandhandel und Direktmarketing") was originally developed on IBM /36 and subsequently ported onto AS/400 and 4381.
Since I cannot find an internet link for it I presume it died a while ago. A real shame.

  • FAS/2
An old business software from IBM

An old finance software on AS/400. STEEB is nowadays owned by SAP.

FileNet is a solution for integrating document processing within an organisation.
The software allows the integration of external modules developed in Visual Basic.