Tino Di Natali - Services

International Consultant for International Projects



Consulting Service

From Business Analysis to Implementation, from Set-Up through Model Build to Project Management.

I am able to provide help for every step in Your project.
Whatever is necessary to make Your project a success.

Further below is a small project plan and my past experience has brought across all these steps a number of time.
For whichever step You might need help .. you have the right man.

Training Services

Interactive eLearn Trainings or standard face-to-face training.


Quick Project Plan
Step 1 - Preparation
  •  Analysing Business
  •  Gathering Requirements
  •  Building Process Plan
  •  Presenting Theoretical Model for Sign-Off
  •  Analysing Data Conversion
  •  Review to completion
  • Step 2 - Model

  •  Setting up System
  •  Preparing Gap Analysis
  •  Development (Planning, Managing, Testing, Incorporating)
  •  Testing Model
  •  Key-User Training
  •  Business and Management Sign-Off
  • Step 3 - CRP & Training

  •  Setting up CRP Environment
  •  Continue Tests
  •  Prepare Training Environment
  •  Prepare and Perform end-User Training
  •  Perform Stress-Test
  •  3rd Party Readiness Assessment
  • Step 4 - Go-Live

  •  Prepare Go-Live Plan
  •  Prepare Cut-Over Plan
  •  Prepare Risk-Plan
  •  GO-LIVE
  • Step 5 - Post-Go-Live Support

  •  Monitor ongoing business
  •  Assess Situation
  •  Perform General Support
  •  Hand-Over