Tino Di Natali - Development

International Consultant for International Projects



Development and Products

Although I concentrate on JDEdwards consultancy and project management, I still do some development work.
I develop using Visual Basic .NET and develop all sorts of programs.


Find here JDE Related Programs
These are program developed within the .Net that access the JDEdwards (World and OneWorld) database.
There is no difference whether the database runs on the AS/400, DB2, Oracle, SQL-Server or even MS-Access.
As a matter of fact, every OneWorld oriented program can run against MS-Access for test and then, at the flip of a switch, against the real database in production.

In Tools you can find a series of little tools that help making life easier.
Latest tools I developed revolve around the internet.
There is one program I have written that automatically generates all the HTML-Pages for my web site www.FlagsOnStuff.com.
Another program, called StarFish, reads the CafePress.com website for a specific shop and extracts a database of all the products within.

The Games I develop are not of the fancy graphical art (I simply am not a game developer) but more something for myself.
To relax and get my mind off things. Although, I must say, my dad really loves playing my Scopa game (Italian card game).

Not programs but also development : My Lounge PC - The Silverbox