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When working with large business one always comes across little problems.
Problems that could be solved much easier and faster through some quick programming.



Because of all the problems we come across when using special characters in web development I have created the &#-tables for 16000 characters.
From 0 to 3999 - from 4000 to 7999 - from 8000 to 11999 - from 12000 to 15999.


 StarFish (formerly CP-Checker)

StarFish is a program designed to enhance products downloaded from a CafePress shop and create upload files to the major search engines.
This tool, written in Visual Basic and using MS-Access databases is currently in Beta-Test.

Details on StarFish can be found here >> StarFish Help
StarFish itself can be downloaded here >> StarFish Download

StarFish is designed to access CafePress through their own APIs, download products and apply a categorisation,
before creating an upload file and transmit it to GoogleBase and/or MSN-Live via automated FTP.

What makes StarFish stand out from other programs is its own hereditary categorisation system, called StarCat.

StarCat is designed to allow the creation of unlimited categories, which are applied to sections and products using a Q&A approach.

The idea is that a section attaches itself to one or many categories, which in return, its children have to answer.
Answered categories are then subsequently inherited by the children's children.

This creates a cascade of categories which in turn are applied to all products at lowest hierarchical level.

More details on StarCat - StarFish's Hereditary Categorisation System can be found by clicking here.

This picture shows the main page of a loaded shop    This picture shows the same main page with the item view as picture tiles rather than detail data   This picture shows the StarCat Module for Hereditary Categorisation
StarFish - Main Screen Detail Data   StarFish - Main Screen Large Icons   StarFish - StarCat

Click on the image to see a larger size.

If you like the idea, feel free to .


FoS stands for Flags on Stuff.
I have created a VB-Program that generates the HTML-Pages for the website www.FlagsOnStuff.com

This website is a so-called CafePress affiliate page.
It basically links same-context products from many CafePress-Shops on one page and every purchase
generates a sales commission.

This affiliate shop presents products that have flags on them. T-Shirts, mugs, mouse pads, sweatshirts, tile coaster, etc.
All the pages look alike hence the idea of a program to generate them.

Have a look at one of the pages and the program used to generate it.
As an example we have a look at the page for Albania: http://www.FlagsOnStuff.com/Europe/AL.htm

When you open the page you can see there is one main item top left.
There are 12 smaller items on the right side, and 9 larger items below.
After the large items comes a slide show of "preferred" designs, followed by a grid of additional designs.

Find here some pictures to the program:

Main Page
FoS - Main Country Screen

Here I define basic information on the country.
Header tags for the page and specifically constructed java-script ads based on the page's content.


Page 2
FoS - 12 Small Items

This page lists the 12 smaller items that appear top left on the web-page.

Page 3
FoS - 9 Major Items

Here I save the 9 major items.

Page 4
FoS - Grid Data

In this page I save the tables that generate the large grid of additional items. This data is gathered using the tool "CP-Page generator", which can be found at http://www.yourdatafeed.com/home.php


Page 5
FoS - Selected Designs

In this page one can add designs that will appear on top of the large grid. Therefore in a preferred position for sales generation.


Page 6
FoS - Sub-Countries and States

This page is used to maintain sub-countries, regions or states.
For example the 50 states of the US, the regions of Spain, or places like Guernsey and Jersey, etc.
These sub-countries will then appear as a sub menu within the mother country


Once the data has been entered. Click the "Generate Output" button et voila. The page is ready.
Feel free to have a look at the source code of the HTML-Page.


This tool allows to open two different files and compare them at hex level.
The program will highlight in both files those hex pairs that differ from each other.

Click on the picture to see a larger size.
If you like the idea, download the program from here.

Download HexCompare V1.0 full (including installer files)

Download HexCompare V1.0 shrunk (without installer files - see here for details on installing shrunk versions)

De-Dup Manager

This little program is of help when a company purchases addresses and wants to add these addresses to the current database.
The usual problem are duplicates.

Duplicated addresses can be easy to spot.
However, the larger the number of records the tiresome the procedure.

De-Dup Manager uses a series of matches, 100% matches and phonetical matches to find duplicates.
These duplicates are then presented and the user can decide whether to exclude them or not.

  • The records are imported form MS-Excel into an MS-Access database.
  • All records are converted to an internal format
  • The next step is cleaning data in itself (both tables are checked fro duplicates within).
  • The system then performs 100% checks
  • With the phonetical check the process is complete

At any point, during this process, the user has the option to remove spotted duplicates to to speed up the process.

This program has been created especially for a company and as such I cannot simply distribute it.
However, should you be interested, then I will be happy to create an identical version adapted to your needs.