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Development of JDE-Related Programs

Trade Counter Backup (TCB)

We all know how sensitive networks are, especially to remote locations.
Imagine you have a remote site (i.e. a Trade Counter) that relies entirely on JDE from a network, using random inventory locations.
Now imagine there is a power failure or network lines drop.
Your site might become inoperative because nobody will know where the stock sits.

The idea is to pull a backup file of the stock from the server on a daily base and email this file to the remote location.
In case of network inaccessibility, the remote operator can load the file into this program and see items, locations and on-hand for all the items.

This program does not consider ongoing sales as the data is static..

The program allows for search by item number and shows on-hand, availability in the primary unit of measure for up to 6 different locations.

The data is extracted from JDE using simple a simple SQL:

SELECT imaitm, imdsc1, imdsc2, imuom1, lilocn, lipqoh, (lipqoh - lihcom - lipcom - lifcom) liaval
FROM proddta.f4101, proddta.f41021 WHERE liitm=imitm AND limcu LIKE '%XXX'
AND (lipqoh - lihcom - lipcom - lifcom) > 0 ORDER BY imaitm, lilocn

The result (pipe-separated) is then loaded as a flat file and off you go.
You're safe in case the network drops.