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Development of JDE-Related Programs

Pickslip Spider

The Pick-Slip Spider is, yet again, a tool born out of necessity.
Pick slips printed by JDE and sent to the printers via a formatting tool seemed to disappear.
In order to make sure that all orders at a status "printed" have actually left the formatting tool, the PDFs have to be saved in an archive.

Pick-Slip Spider will then continuously cross-check the archive with JDE's sales order file and list the missing orders.
If desired, Spider will also send an email to the responsible person.


This seems like another one of these stupid tools.
But, just take a minute to imagine the situation.
You are generating hundreds of sales orders daily.
Your customer service works efficiently and so does your warehouse.
Yet customers complain they never receive the goods.

How can this be?

The answer is simple. Once the pick slip program (R42520) prints the document, the sales order status is set to "printed".
JDE does not know you have an interim tool that changes the layout and makes the printout nicer.

Now, if this interim (formatting) tool drops the document somewhere along the line,
the warehouse will never know about this order and the customer never receive the shipment.

The sales order itself, though, after allegedly being printed, moves on to the next status and that is waiting for ship-confirmation.
There it will wait forever, until someone runs an analysis, usually at the end of the day.
That would be fine, unless you promise your customers next-day delivery.

Yes, there are ways to avoid this. Keep one person occupied continuously checking the orders,
or, run the PickSlip Spider. The little spider is going to do it all for you.