Tino Di Natali - Development - JDE

International Consultant for International Projects



Development of JDE-Related Programs


I-View is a program that combines elements from various JDE screens into one single screen giving the customer a complete overview with one click only.
Click on the images below to see larger versions.

The application is designed for the Distribution area.
Just by entering the item number, selecting the warehouse and the customer, the system will show:
  • Item descriptions
  • Selected Category Codes
  • Availability and Locations
  • Base and Advanced Price
  • Cross References
  • Item Messages

The program can be configured to meet the user's needs.
The user can decide which warehouses to include in the screen, also which currencies to show prices in, and which cross-references to exclude from the view.

I-View includes a quick address book search that allows to search for addresses by a multitude of criteria:

I-View can be modified to suit every customer's needs.

This tool can be useful indeed when it comes to areas where time is of importance, for instance a shop-front.
Also interesting is archived data. Instead of keeping additional environments running just to see data from the past years, consolidate it
into one external database and use customised programs to access the data.