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Development of JDE-Related Programs


GLCDX is work in progress.

This program cross-checks the integrity between General Ledger and Cardex.
Every transaction in Cardex must have an equivalent transaction in General Ledger.

Select the Company/Business Unit that needs analysing along with the inventory account.
If inventory is split across multiple subsidiaries, these can be summarised or kept single.

Select a list of document types to be ignored.
Usually that would be JE (Journal Entries), which are used to make one-sided entries only.

If the company performs InterCompany transactions, these can end up in different companies/business units.
One must then select the correct document type used for automatically generated sales/purchase orders and also the related GL document type.

Here is a snapshot of a result page:

Every month, and especially at the end of the financial year, a lot of people, internal and external people,
invest hours and hours to consolidate Inventory vs. GL. Most of the time is actually spent on identifying the issue amongst thousands of GL-Transactions.
Do you know how may $$$$ that is every month in your company?

This tool will not solve the problems. But it will save a lot of time in actually identifying the issue.