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Web Changes

This is where I announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited here before and want to know what's changed,
take a look here first.

[New!] July 2009 -Looking for a new JDE contract
May 2009 - Project go-live with CEVA Logistics  
January 2008 - New e-Learning Site completed - www.ERPOT.com  
December 2007 - Project requirements analysis work for Insight MSC completed.  
April 2007 - Project with Dole Europe finished.  
November 2006 - Started a new project with Dole Europe - No longer available for a full time contract  
July 2006 - Started a new project with ArjoWiggins - No longer available for a full time contract  
July 2006 - Website www.Your-Web-Sale.com live  
June 2006 - Website www.FlagsOnStuff.com live (work in progress)  
June 2006 - HTML generator for www.FlagsOnStuff.com completed  
May 2006 - Website www.Coolcups.biz is live (work in progress)  
May 2006 - Website www.Cafepress.com/CoolCups is live  
March 2006 - Project Yazaki finished - Looking for a new JDE contract  
13 January 2005 - Started a new project - No longer available for a full time contract
28 June 2004 - My HexCompare tool is available for download.
All programmers, listen up. You now can compare two files at hex level and have the program tell you where they differ.
7 June 2004 - Latest game ColourMix is available for download
12 June 2004 - Latest game Cavallino is available for download
5 June 2004 - Travel Links list is now live
3 June 2004 - JDE Agencies list is now live
31 May 2004 - CV available for download
28 May 2004 - SilverBox page live
27 May 2004 - Internet presence established