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eLearning in Today's World

What is eLearning, and how does it apply to you?

eLearning is the learning through electronic means.

  • We can learn by reading a book or a training manual.
  • We can go and sit in a training session.
  • We can learn from our experienced friends and colleagues

but, books and - especially - training manuals are usually boring and tedious to learn from,
training sessions can be long lasting, equally boring and non repetitive (you can't tape the session and watch it all over again)
our friends and colleagues, assuming they have time, bear the risk that they might teach you things wrongly.

With eLearning we learn directly on the computer, using Eyes, Ears and Hands

  • We watch the training happening on the screen
  • We see movies on how things are supposed to be done
  • We hear the trainer explaining
  • We interact with the training session by clicking where and when needed
  • We demonstrate what we've learned in one or multiple quizzes
  • We give our feedback through a survey
  • We can do it over and over and over again

Training is an investment in the future

Training employees on how to use new software or new processes is an investment into the future of your company.

Successful training means independent, self confident and productive employees.

How can I help?

I provide custom designed eLearn sessions, based on

  • your software (JDEDwards, Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft, Axapta, etc.)
  • your process  (Sales, Purchasing, Customer Services, Finance, etc.)
  • your company (Sales Offices, Warehouses, Productions Facilities, Branches, etc.)
  • your language (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, etc.)

I prepare the screen movies, the texts, the voice over.
You choose the language and the voice

You decide whether you want to host the training on your intranet or through me on the internet.

My training is every day as fresh as on the first day. Protect your investment.

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