Tino Di Natali - Technical

International Consultant for International Projects



The Silverbox

I wanted to have a multimedia PC in my lounge from where to stream my pictures, movies and music to my entertainment system.
When looking around I did find some PCs with the required abilities but they all looked ugly (too much office-like).

I was looking for something smart and and good looking not immediately giving away its nature.

I decided to build my own and started working out the components I need and, more than anything else, searching for the right case.

One day when walking around a Sunday market I found the right container. A wooden box covered in layers of silver with a flip top.



Front View

Back View

Side View

Peeping inside

I then decide for the hardware to use and my motherboard of choice was an EPIA M-Series motherboard.
With only 17 cm x 17 cm it would snugly fit into the box. With 5+1 audio, graphics with MPEG2 decoder, LAN, etc. all on-board it did seem like a good choice

Motherboard - View from the top

Motherboard - View of all the connectors

I then added the following components:
  • 512MB of RAM
  • A WD 200GB hard drive
  • Sony front-slit DVD-player
  • A power supply
  • A 5-in-1 memory card reader
  • On-Off soft-switch
  • Logitech wireless mouse & keyboard

DVD Player Front - The front plastic later removed

DVD Player Specifications

WD 200GB hard drive


I decided that the motherboard would go vertically along the left side of the box, whereas power supply on the opposite right side.
The on-off switch was to be placed at the bottom of the box and the DVD-player as well as the card-reader on the right side.

I started peeling off the layers of silver, which where partially nailed with a million small nails and some cheap (shiny) metal
protruding from underneath the silver was actually glued to the wood.

I could not remove the layers completely because the metal ripped so I removed only as much as was needed to cut the holes.

This is how the nails keep down the single layers of silver

Hole for motherboard

Hole for power supply

Holes cut for the DVD player and card reader

Once the holes were cut I started fitting the components.

Power supply in the box

Motherboard connected

Drives in the box

Reader on top of drives

This completed the work.

The SilverBox working on my TV

SilverBox connected to my amplifier, the network, keyboard, mouse,etc.

On-Off switch underneath the box

Slit for CD/DVD and card-reader. LEDs in the middle for power and HD-activity

I now have a PC sitting in my lounge that allows us to use the internet, watch pictures and movies (from DVD or hard-drive, local or through network),
listen to MP3 through the sound system.
The integrated sound chips allows for a full 5.1 surround sound.