Tino Di Natali - Experience

International Consultant for International Projects




I have been working in IT since 1983 and since 1988 as a freelance consultant/programmer.
I started my first project with JDEdwards World software in 1994 and moved to OneWorld in 2000.

In the years before I have worked as programmer with various machines and programming languages.

Please follow the link for an overview of the machines/software  and the software packages I have worked with.

Following is a more detailed list of my past experiences. The list is, within its sections, in chronologically descending order.
The sections are JDEdwards Experience, Web-Development Experience, Programming Experience and other.

As you can see from the various sections, there is almost nothing I haven't done yet.
And I haven't even listed all the jobs I did as youngster (chef, warehouse worker, spay painter, taxi driver).
You might now understand my motto: NUNQUAM STATUM (never stand still).

JDEdwards Experience

CEVA Logistics Italia
Milan (Italy) (France)
Logistics Service Provider
OneWorld - Distribution/Advanced Pricing - Design, implementation and testing of an EDI based
automated pricing and invoicing model & Application Consultant Distribution & Business Analyst

 Linpac Provence
Tarascon (France) (France)
Plastics Manufacturing
World Software - Distribution/Finance integrity issues analysis and resolution
Consultant Distribution & Business Analyst

Dole Europe Ltd.
Madrid, Sevilla (Spain) - Lisbon (Portugal)
Fruit and Vegetables Wholesale and Distribution
OneWorld Distribution Implementation & DC-Connect Support
Consultant Distribution & Business Analyst

ArjoWiggins Ltd.
Lyon (France)
Paper Manufacturing and Distribution
OneWorld Advanced Warehouse Support
Consultant Distribution & Advanced Warehouse

Yazaki Europe Ltd.
Cologne (Germany) - Opglabbeek (Belgium) - Prievidza (Slovakia)
Automotive Components
OneWorld implementation and support
Consultant Distribution & Business Analyst

ADM (Archer Daniels Midland)
Koog aan de Zaan (Netherlands)
Agricultural Processing
OneWorld implementation and support
Business Analyst
Sydney and Brisbane (Australia)
Imports and retail sales of electronic components.
OneWorld implementation (HTML)
Lead consultant Distribution
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
Paris (France) / Lisbon (Portugal) / Milan (Italy) / Neckargmünd (Germany) / Madrid (Spain) / Beerse (Belgium) / Strasbourg (France)
Production and retail sales of blood analysis machines and reagents.
OneWorld implementation.
Lead consultant Distribution
Immergas SpA
Parma (Italy) / Swanley (UK) / Hanover (Germany)
Production, retail and wholesales of boilers and spare parts,
OneWorld implementation (HTML)
Lead consultant Distribution
JPMC (Jordan Phosphate Mining Company)
Amman, Aqaba and El-Shediya (Jordan)
Phosphate mining and co-products manufacturing.
OneWorld implementation.
Lead consultant Distribution
DG Diskontbank
Frankfurt (Germany)
Software Conversion.
Conversion consultant.
Medtronic, Inc
Kerkrade (Holland)
Production and retail of hi-tech medical equipment.
World Software implementation.
Development analyst
Johnson & Johnson International
Vienna (Austria) / Zurich (Switzerland) / Lisbon (Portugal) / Brussels (Belgium)
Retail sales of medical products.
World Software implementation.
Lead consultant Distribution
Eli Lilly
Giessen (Germany) / Basingstoke (UK) / Budapest (Hungary) / Brussels (Belgium)
Production and retail sales of medicines.
World Software implementation.
Distribution consultant and programmer.

Web Development

Apparel and House ware e-shop
Implementation of OS-Commerce with PHP and MySQL
Affiliate Shop. Apparel and House ware.
Basic HTML. All pages created through a self-developed HTML-generator.
e-Services site.
Basic HTML.
Shop presentation. Design and text based completely on customer requests.
Basic HTML.
Personal presentation. Design and text based completely on customer requests.
Basic HTML.
Restaurant sales page. Design and text based completely on customer requests.
Basic HTML.


Hewlett Packard
Böblingen - Germany
Production of computer components.
Development with COBOL under UNIX
Georg Thieme Verlag
Stuttgart (Germany)
Publisher for medical oriented publications.
Development with RPG/COBOL/CL on AS/400.
Altensteig (Germany)
Steel production.
Development with COBOL/CL on AS/400.
Leitz GmbH und Co KG
Stuttgart (Germany)
Production and wholesales of stationery products
Development with PCs and dBase IV.
Doro Express Transporte
Ingersheim (Germany)
Express delivery services
Development with PCs and dBase III, IV, FoxPro
Schaller und Rottorf GmbH
Stuttgart (Germany)
Production of Mail Order Software
Development with COBOL on AS/400.
3-Pagen Versand
Alsdorf (Germany)
Mail Order Company
Development with COBOL on IBM 4381 with DB/2 and CICS.
Baur Versand
Burgkunstadt (Germany)
Mail Order Company
Development with COBOL on IBM 3090 with DB/2 and CICS.
Fraunhofer Institut fuer Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung
Stuttgart (Germany)
Research Company
Development with Fortran III and IV on PDP11.


London - UK
Video Rentals Shop.
Ludwigsburg - Germany
Internet Cafe
Ludwigsburg - Germany
Mexican Restaurant

Göppingen - Germany
Night Club