Tino Di Natali

International Consultant for International Projects
Business Analyst and Web Developer



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is to provide you, the customer, with the best consultancy services available.
Focus on your problems and present a solution that is easily applicable, sensible and within your business policies.


My Profile

My name is Tino Di Natali.

Born in Saarlouis, Germany in 1963 and am Italian citizen.

I am a Business Analyst and Senior Application Consultant for JD Edwards World and OneWorld Software (aka PeopleSoft Enterprise One - aka Oracle E1).

I am specialised in Distribution with excellent knowledge in Sales and Marketing, Procurement/Purchasing, Supply Chain, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Advanced Pricing, Agreement Management, etc. not disregarding links to adjacent areas such as Finance, Manufacturing, etc. and good project management and team leading abilities
I also perform Training, Risk and Readiness Assessments as well as System and Implementation Audits.

I have already taken part in multiple Full Life-Cycle Implementations

Having worked for many years as programmer I also carry a vast technical background.

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My career so far brought me across three continents where I worked on projects in four different languages.

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  I am fluent in English, German, Italian and speak some French too.

IT experience: since 1983

Functional Consultancy: since 1994

Education: Degree in IT and Commercial Management (FBD Stuttgart/Germany)

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My Current Status

I am currently available for a full-time contract.


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Software Contractors' Guild 
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